Aug 03 2015

August Dental Special!

Dr.Kim knows how important pet dental health is for every pet, but he also knows how expensive dental care can be. That’s why he is offering 25% off of dental scaling and polishing during the month of August. Normally we only do the special in February, which is pet dental health month, but we thought it would be nice to do it twice a year.

If your pet is over the age of 2 years, Dr.Kim recommends having their teeth scaled professionally once a year to prevent dental disease. Having the teeth “scaled professionally” in this case means to take your pet to their veterinarian (who is also their dentist), where they will be sedated with a local anesthetic, and technicians will scale their teeth and polish them using professional tools, just like when humans go to the dentist.

This method of cleaning is the most effective and beneficial way to clean your pets’ teeth. After the cleaning, your pet is sent home with after-care products to keep their teeth and mouth healthy. Your pet won’t have to stay overnight and they will be able to eat when they go home.

There are some confusions when it comes to cleaning our pets’ teeth because groomers may offer a “teeth cleaning”, but it is really just a brushing of the teeth. Although brushing the teeth is a good habit and may help your pet, we assure you this is not the same procedure as a dental scaling and polishing, for only a licensed veterinarian is able perform that exact service, and a dental scaling is the only way to fully get rid of any plaque or tartar on the teeth.

Don’t hesitate to have your pet’s teeth cleaned at our hospital. It will save them from painful infections and tooth problems in the future and save you money!

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