Oct 01 2015

October Special

This month Dr.Kim is offering 15% off of blood-work. Blood-work is a procedure separate from blood parasites tests and combo tests, it gives us a more comprehensive look at your pet’s health. Dr.Kim recommends blood-work for any pet at any age, so that we may have a “base-line” health profile.

This is something that will be used to compare future blood-work results to, so we can track trends in your pet’s organ functions. Blood-work is necessary for older (age 7+ years) pets undergoing anesthesia, and is usually necessary for severely ill pets. But don’t wait until that time to get it done, you might not see these low prices again!

The process is simple: schedule an appointment for blood-work (or request it during another appointment that you had previously scheduled) and bring your pet in for an exam.Dr.Kim and one of our vet techs will draw a blood sample from your pet, which is virtually painless and takes less than a minute, and then our state-of-the-art analysis equipment will generate results within 15 minutes.

Call our friendly staff for details, pricing, and scheduling. Thank you!

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