Mar 31 2016


We are constantly urging our clients to spay and neuter their pets. There are various excellent reasons for doing so and it all comes down to this: providing your pet with the best care possible so that they will be the healthiest they can be.

Yes! Many people are unaware that spaying and neutering is not just something else to do that costs more money, and some people have the misconception that neutering your male dog is unfair and will take away his “manhood” when in fact, leaving his “manhood” intact is not fair to him if he will not be used for breeding!

Imagine if you were thirsty, and all of the purified water in the world seemed to be right outside your door, but you cannot leave and there are no beverages inside. Eventually you would try to escape for a just a sip! That’s kind of how it is for un-neutered males especially, but also un-spayed females when in heat. When a male is left intact, testosterone is pumping through the body, causing erratic and sometimes aggressive behavior. They feel the need to go out and find a mate. If you are not breeding them then they will never mate, but they don’t understand that, so they will constantly be wanting to mate and it can drive them crazy!

On the other hand, intact females go into heat on average every month (frequencies vary) and during that time they have the same emotional and mental experience as an intact male – they need a mate ASAP to reproduce with. If you will not be breeding your female dog, spaying them as early as possible will prevent continued bleeding and behavioral issues.

Not to mention, spaying and neutering your pets at a young age lowers their risk of developing testicular, prostate, ovarian, and breast cancers. Yes- males and females of all species are threatened by these diseases and ONLY YOU can prevent them by SPAYING AND NEUTERING your pets!

Please talk to our staff today about these important procedures. The longer you wait, the higher the risk. And now April 2016 through June 2016, we are offering 20% off spaying and neutering.

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